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    Default Attaching large corbals

    We have two large corbels weighing nearly 100 pounds each, 56" long and 26" deep at the widest point. They are to be attached to the sides of an existing doorway on the exterior wall ( as a decorative entry) under a small decorative roof . Another pair will be secured to the outside wall, again around a door, but will have the house roof overhang to be attached to as well. Are there any tips or tricks to this procedure that would make them more secure and solid...both for the stability of the outside wall and the corbels themselves ??? Help!!!!! they are planning on attaching them tomorrow...or soon after. Thanks, Lee

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    Default Re: Attaching large corbals

    The shear weight alone would necessitate that the corbels be attached to framing within the structure. If they are more than aesthetic, meaning that they will carry some or all of the overhead load, then they could require more extensive attachment than merely grafting them on the side of the house. Do you have a link to a website with info on these corbels?
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