I am concerned about the neg-pos pressure thing. I have a pulse furnace that takes in fresh air to feed the combustion chamber. Do I need to take precautions exhausting air from my basement? Thanks - Dexter Henschel

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I am back. I cant believe it's been installed for 4 years. So long ago that my pictures are not installed anymore. I have an unfinished basement, an oil burner and a (metal hatch)entry in addition to the interior stairs.

I used a Fantech HP2190 fan. The unit is simply installed on the wall with (2) "L" brackets and hose clamps. Then I used 4"PVC pipe and couplings - see picture. Then out the modified window. The metal bars are security.
The intake tube is ON the ground. That is where it differs from a radon installation.
BTW use PVC pipe with holes in it on the floor horizontal section to act as a silencer.

The (intake air) hatch is designed with some large spaces that are overlapped by the cover and provide great ventilation. I use this to establish my flow pattern.
The fan is on the far side of the hatch and the oil burner is on a far adjacent side of the room. So in effect the oilburner is about 30 ft away from the hatch and the fan - think of a triangle - hatch-oilburner-fan.

Here is a little more than I know.

All installations are different based on the room and the flow pattern. You have to judge the open area that lets air through.
You also want a long distance to let the air flow through.

I did not use a humidistat since I thought is was like emptying the ocean. When could it ever shut off??
BTW I shut down the fan in the winter. The humidity is low and the oil burner provides more airflow/heat. Yes I use the oilburner for hot water in the summer.

Yes it is a glorified exhaust fan. The radon fan is rated for 24/7 @20 years. Since I use it only in summer it should last forever. Humidifiers are trash units, cost a ton to buy/run and need to be emptied. AND the air never gets dry since the units are always undersized AND the air is still stinky!!!

Good luck