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    Question Very old linoleum found, how to move it??

    Hi! We have removed the carpet from an upstairs bedroom in our 1898 farmhouse. It appears to have 1920 art deco print linoleum floor over five inch pine board flooring. I would love to remove it from that room and re-install in the laundry on th first floor. Does anyone know how to make it pliable enough to remove it without breaking it into tiny pieces? Also, it appears to be just tacked into place. Can we re-install by simply tacking it on top of the current vinyl? The pattern is so retro it's chic! It is not in tile form, but appears to be in one complete piece, approximately 16' x 20'. Is it possible that 1920 linoleum has asbestos?
    Anxious to hear... Jean

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    Default Re: Very old linoleum found, how to move it??

    Most everything that is over 20 yrs old probably has asbestos in it. Legally you need a licensed contractor to remove it. Thats due to the fact that they know how to properly remove it and also dispose of it. If you choose to leave it down, I would get some sort of floor leveling patch that you can get at a home improvement store. Put that down over the entire floor and then you could lay another piece of viynl on top of it. Make sure before you start patching that you nail down any lose places as well as any cuts that could roll up on you later.

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