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    Unhappy Shower

    I had a new tap put on my bath tub. The problem I have with it is when I pull the kbob on the tap to have a shower the water comes out the bath tap and very little comes thru the shower head. I do not under stand why the water is coming out the bath tap when the knob is pulled up for the water to come thru the shower, I have tried to adjust the knob. I have pulled it up and I have turn the knob screw down it still does not work. This is a new tap so why does the water barely come out the shower head when I pull it up? most of the water is in the bath

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    Lisa Stewart, Ct

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    What is the brand and model of the fixture?
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    is it a new shower head as well?perhaps the restrictor should be removed but it sounds to me like you have a faulty diverta spout,depending on the style you can easily back the spout off by hand turning counter clockwise for a better look at the inside,however keep in mind the spout may be installed using a set screw,look for a small hole near the wall for this type

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