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    Default removing old wallpaper (cheap)

    Don't know where she saw this but my mom had us mix cheap liquid fabric softner, with water, we spayed the walls and after a few minutes we were able to scap through the wallpaper no problem, and there were three layers of paper. It was covering plaster walls. I bet the paper was 50 years old.

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    Default Re: removing old wallpaper (cheap)

    This really works! I didn't believe it. I had heard about it, but instead tried the enzyme wallpaper removers which only took off the top layer, leaving the paste stuck to the wall. We used fabric softener and a 3M green scrubber (like for pots and pans) and the paste and residual paper came right off. This was working with plaster walls, with paper that was about 30 years old.

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    Default Re: removing old wallpaper (cheap)

    All that commercial wallpaper removers are is an surfactant, which breaks the surface tension of water and allows it to seep through the fiber of the paper to the glue which softens so the paper can be removed. Fabric softener does the same thing for much less. A 1/4 cup per gallon of water is all that is needed. Some papers have a vinyl or foil face which will need to be scored to allow water in behind it, however once you get it started, just keep the back of the paper wet and it will work it's way in and loosen the glue.

    Water alone, or a little soap and water (soap is also a surfactant, though not as good as fabric softener ) will remove wallpaper paste easily. If glues were used to paste down seams or tears in the paper, then you've got a little more work ahead, but for the most part, the removal of wallpaper isn't that difficult, only time consuming.

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