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    Default Buzzing light fixtures

    What could be the problem with a buzzing light fixture? I have tried changing the bulb and also making sure that I am using the correct wattage bulb. Could it be a bad fixture, frayed wires, a bulb socket, I am up for any and all theories on this matter.

    It is a recessed light fixture in ceiling. The bulb wattage is 60 watt and it is not on a dimmer switch.
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    Default Re: Buzzing light fixtures

    What kind of fixure?
    What kind of bulb/lamp?
    Is the fixture on a dimmer?

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    Default Re: Buzzing light fixtures

    Many light bulbs are made overseas , including brand names, if your swapping out bulbs from the same package or same brand this could be the problem. One other thing to look for is a light bulb that is labeled for 120 volts or 130 volts .It is marked either on the glass or on the screw in base. Don't worry they both will work in your fixture but you may find better result from one or another.

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