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    Default Advice on Basement waterproofing contractors, in Eastern PA

    My wife and I are first time homeowners and we are getting a little water in the basement and a musty odor. We've since added a dehumidifier and it's helping alot but we want to address the problem correctly. We plan on getting a few estimates before choosing a contractor but wanted some advice from some other before settling on one. Our first estimate came from Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, it was over 14k to install a frenchdrain with weep holes in the wall and acid neutralizer injected into the walls. But if we "acted quick" we could fill a slot they had due to a job being canceled and save 22%...this still sounded kinda suspicious. If anyone has any advice on reputable companies or ones to stay away from we would appreciate it. We're first time homeowners and just want to try avoid being taken advantage of. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Advice on Basement waterproofing contractors, in Eastern PA

    If the water isn't a huge problem and is just making it damp and musty, you might actually be able to tackle this yourself. We are in the process of waterproofing our basement. We scoured the concrete block walls with a tsp solution, then caulked all of the little holes with concrete/foundation caulk. Then we painted them with Zinser brand watertight paint. It is a very thick paint that is supposed to keep out water. We painted the walls last weekend and this weekend have had a lot of rain and so far, so good - no leaks yet.

    If you definitely want to hire someone though, check out Angie's list - it is a company that reviews contractors - they all get grades based on the ratings that people who have hired them submit.I've used the service a few times and been able to find really good reputable contractors.

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