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    Insulspan exterior walls, roofing & support walls have been featured on TOH.
    I have read the walls may be supject to warping or flexing/bowing--what would be the reason? Have you experienced this problem in new or buildings w/some years? Could the problem be eliminated in the architectural design process?

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    The walls might be subject to bowing if the design loads of the panels are exceeded. Proper engineering should prevent.
    Exterior walls could fail if the skin rotted enough. This could be caused by improper installation or flashing.
    Failures of roof panels have occurred because of improper installation that allowed vapor to condense within the panel.
    Insects can eat or borrow in the foam & that could ultimately effect the panel.
    Proper storage at the construction site is needed to prevent bowing before they are installed.
    If wetted during construction, they need to dry properly before siding/finish is applied.
    I would use a contractor experienced with the product. That could prevent a lot of installation problems.

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