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    Wink Is it Hard to Relocate Tub Drain/Pipes...OR...Can I Get a Bigger Tub?

    We have a 1907 Craftsman home and are currently remodeling the bathroom (ourselves). We want to replace the tub. (The existing tub is 60" long, 30" wide with an apron and 15" high. There are many nice 60" long tubs; however, very few to choose from that are 30" wide. I would like to get a 60"L, 32"W, 17-20"H tub.) The problem is my husband says that a larger tub would complicate the project since the center drain of the current tub no longer lines up with the drain/pipe of a wider tub. He thinks this will involve too much time and money to get the drain/pipe lined up. But I am not happy with such a low tub. (I bathe; he showers, in the tub.)

    Question: What is involved in re-situating the tub drain and/or wall pipes to accommodate a taller, wider tub. Is it indeed a complicated matter? Would it involve much difficulty for us or a plumber to do this? Thank you.
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    Default Re: Is it Hard to Relocate Tub Drain/Pipes...OR...Can I Get a Bigger Tub?

    Being sight unseen one would have to guess at what the current setup is and if you will be upgrading the plumbing as well.

    The thing that comes to mind would be the drain may be the largest issue.
    Depending how and where it's situated might be a major issue if it has to be moved let's say only an inch left or right and a floor joist is in the way.

    The water lines may not be an issue if they need to moved up an inch or two.

    Sometimes keeping things within the same foot print can be beneficial since having to move things can open up a big can of worms ..... which increases time and cost.
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