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    I recently saw Tom in an Ask This Old House segment use a 2 part epoxy to repair rot in windowsills prior to painting. The epoxy was in large tubes like caulking, and dispensed from what looked like a two barrel caulking gun. Can't seem to find this product in my area. Does anyone know the name of it so I can locate it?


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    Russ -

    Home Depot sells a 2-part epoxy product which is intended for setting concrete anchors in concrete. It is a twin barreled caulk gun apparatus. Just an idea.

    For years I have used "Bondo" for filling rotted wood, woodpecker holes and open knot holes. It is a polyester product with a catalyst which sets in about 5 minutes. Min-Wax sells something very similar as a wood filler, but it is more expensive. Bondo sells for about $10 per quart. MinWax has a wood conditioner which acts as a bonding agent before the wood filler's use. You want to clean out all the rotted wood first. I then splash straight Clorox on the area and then let it dry. Both products can be rasped and sanded smooth after dry. Bondo doe not schrink and being a plastic, does not absorb water so it is stable in exterior apllications.

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    Tom used a product made by Advanced Repair Technologies. You can find the product here...


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    Look into this product Abatron Inc.

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