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    Default Re-wiring 120 v downlighters

    I recently purchased GENERAL LIGHTIN 5905-4 downlighters.I expected them to be direct 120v supply. On the box was ticked 120v but on now reading the instructions it seems as though they are set up for 12v MR16 bulbs and the 120v seems to be the supply necessary to feed to a step-down (120-12v) transformer. Is it possible to hook them up directly to 120 v MR16 bulbs or are the wire connections not suitable for 120v and indeed a fire hazzard.

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    Default Re: Re-wiring 120 v downlighters

    I have to agree with YukYuk, there is a lot more to converting from 12v to 120v including the insulation of the other parts, the heat dissipation design, etc. Such a modification could cause fire and void insurance coverage. Take it back and get what you want.
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