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    We live in a house built in 1978-79, designed with an atrium in the family room. The atrium has 4 post and double sun roof window at the roof line. During settling, if think, the 4 post are showing an enormous amount of stress; i.e. spliting. The box or the flooring goes through the floor; i.e. in the crawl space with concrete bottom.

    How can we change out the post, secondly, how can we close in the box where its all one floor instead of a box? Can you advise.

    Thanks so much.

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    Splitting is a natural occurrence with large beam type posts. It happens as the wood drys out. It should not affect the integrity of the post. If you just don't like the appearance the easiest and cheapest thing to do is have the post boxed in.

    Not sure exactly what you mean by the second part of your question perhaps if you could post some pictures it might help.
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    You want to change out the posts/columns but you don't say with what. It's going to be a bit of a job but you could use steel columns (specially made for your application). You'll have to box them in to cover them up. I'd just box in the ones you have and make them more decorative. The cracks won't hurt anything. All wood timbers like that will eventually dry and crack somewhat.

    Good Luck.

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