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    Default asphalt over concrete?

    My driveway (concrete) is at least 15 years old. The stone used in the mixture was apparently like river rock(many inch or better size stones). Over time the winters in Wisconsin have caused pits in the driveway. It looks like water got in around the stones & the freeze/thaw cycle caused the rocks to pop out leaving a pit in its place. I would like to do something with it but I'm not sure what to do. One section also has a crack running across the entire section. We are planning on moving in less than 2 years so I really don't want to pay to have it torn up & replaced. My wife suggested blacktopping over the concrete. At first I laughed her off but in giving it some thought I am considering it as a viable option. My question is - Is it a viable option? Is it a good idea? why or why not

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    Yes, it is a very viable option, it is done on public roadways all the time. If the base is OK it will last for many years.

    That's the current setup for the driveway I have.
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