I purchased a 42" TV with the intention of mounting it on my basement wall. I have have 97 year old victorian house and the basement is finished. However, it is finished with Wood Paneling, not plaster, not drywall, lovely wood paneling.

I'm finding out that the studs do not follow normal spacing convention as they were undoubtedly added not for any wall support but simply to hold up the paneling. It appears that the studs are approximately 28" apart. Also, there appears to be a horizontal 2 x 4 running through the middle of the framing. So, it makes an H shape between the studs.

My question, is there any way to mount the TV to this type of framing? Keep in mind that the mount itself is only 27" so, there is really no way to hit two studs? Can it be mounted to the horizontal 2 x 4 or is that too risky? The TV weighs about 90pounds.