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    Unhappy Fixed Leak but Still No Pressure Inside

    To make a long story short:
    We got a large water bill and suspected a leak. Then, we lost all water pressure INSIDE our house. However, the two outside faucets still worked. Then we called the water company and the meter was running off the charts. We called a plumber who determined the leak was outside the house. So we dug up the pipe and fixed the leak. But we still don't have water pressure inside the house, although the water pressure outside the house works fine. This is an old house, built in 1930s, although all the piping under the crawl space has been replaced with copper tubing (except the main line from the meter to the house). We are at a loss, although I think we've narrowed it down for the next plumber. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Fixed Leak but Still No Pressure Inside

    Perhaps you may have a water pressure regulation valve that may be plugged or faulty.
    Typically there is a stainer or filter that is removable for cleaning.

    The outside water valves may be plumbed before the pressure regulator valve which might explain why they have good pressure.
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