Just wondering,A tree fell on the house i rent and went through the roof,into the bedroom ,during a storm.The whole house shook when it fell.The wiring dept. and the building inspector came by that night.The wire dept. cut the power lines going to the house and the inspector said he would come by the next day.They told us not to go back into the house until the building inspector and wire dept. gave the ok..Well the wire dept. hooked us back up 3 days later and the inspector never came back,,not even the next day to check the damage.I called the inspector and asked if he was coming by and he told me as long as the wire dept. hooked us up then we were fine.I told him i had checked the wires in the damaged room (which the roof was covered by a tarp)and they were live.The inspector still has not come by as this happened July 19.I live in Mass.The contractor took 2 weeks to put the roof together and his work does not look that good as the rafters are not flush in any way to the peak of the roof.My question is, Does the inspector have to come by to check the structure?Also the contractor was hired from N.H. which does not require a license.Is this legal?