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    Default smelly drain?garbagedisposal?

    Have a double sink with garbage disposal also dishwasher is hooked to disposal.Am getting a funky smell from drain on the side of sink with garbage disposal on have put lemons,salt,ice,flushed with lots of water but smell comes back if you have used the disposal or not. This was installed by previous owners.thanks for any help
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    Default Re: smelly drain?garbagedisposal?

    You've tried all the generic remedies for disposal smells but I had a thought,since the previous owner installed it, not a plumber. You may not have a smelly disposal, but something else.

    Where does the disposal drain hook up to the main drain out of the kitchen, before or after the P trap? If it hooks in after the trap, you could be getting sewer gas coming back into the sink. The trap is that trombone looking piece of pipe under the sinks.

    The purpose of the trap is to hold water in the bend of the trap. This keeps the sewer gases from coming back up in the sink. You may have the disposal drain hooked into the drain AFTER the trap, therefore no benefit of the trap.

    Take a look at it and see how it's connected.

    Good Luck.

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