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    I have copper gutters & downspouts. One downspout has a 2 - 3" split at the seam. One downspout is leaking where the previous homeowner attached an extension with screws. Anyone have any knowledge as to how to repair?

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    You could solder a copper patch on or I'd probably sand it clean on the inside. Buy a "tube" of Karnak flashing cement and smear some over the crack. I'd also use some membrane first but I think you'd probably have to buy a whole roll. Home Depot may have small rolls for under ten bucks.
    Just cut a patch of it and imbed it into the Karney....smooth it out and add a bit more Karney over the membrane and you should be good to go.
    edit: If the patch is in a real conspicuous area and you don't like hgow the Karnak patch looks (if it's visiable) you could cut a piece of the copper downspout at the bottom of the spout if there's enough extra and push it into the wet karnak to disguise the patch.
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