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    Unhappy Kitchen Tap Water Smells Foul

    Our kitchen cold water smells foul for the first 30-60 seconds after we turn it on. Sometimes it smells just a little and other times the smell fills up the kitchen. The water has no discoloration just a foul smell. The city tested the water quality just outside the house and it tested fine. This is the only tap in the house that smells. What could be the cause?

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    The smell could be coming from the drain. before you turn on the water snoop around kinda intimately and see if you can "match" the odor to a previously unsuspected source. You could have a broken drain or vent in the area.

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    Lightbulb Re: Kitchen Tap Water Smells Foul

    I just had the very same problem, but in one of my bathroom sinks. I mentioned it to a handyman friend of mine and he suggested that it was probably the drain and not the water at all. He told me to pour two cups of bleach down the drain in the evening and then in the morning, flush it with a pot of boiling water. And, guess what? It did the trick. Hope it works for you, too.

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    Smile Re: Kitchen Tap Water Smells Foul

    Thanks for the responses. I will certainly try them both and keep my fingers crossed that this does it.

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    Default Re: Kitchen Tap Water Smells Foul

    How did you get on?

    Was it waste stuck in the trap?

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