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    Default Automatic Irrigation Problem

    The irrigation head at the end of the line in one zone does not pop up and stay up to spray. It only trickles water when the head is removed from the line. The next head up in the line seems to work fine. This has been a problem since original installation by a professional. Upon calling the installer and he coming out to check the problem, he said that there was nothing wrong. But, it does not spray and does not stay up. Do you think we have a plugged or kinked line? Could there be a problem with the water pressure and is there a way to adjust that?

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    Default Re: Automatic Irrigation Problem

    You should call the company back and tell them that you want it fixed. If the head isn't spraying then they can't say it's working fine. You may need to ask for a supervisor to come and see it. You paid for a sprinkler system and that's what you should have gotten. I'm not sure what type of pipe they used but they may have gotten something in that line. It could aslso be that the line is too long and the pressure is dropping before it gets to the last head. Either way they need to take care of it for you.

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