I live in an 1800's house. We have had rain damage to our roof and a ceiling in one bedroom. The roof has been replaced, and we are in the process of redoing the bedroom, due to mold growth and water damage. The room has been gutted down to the studs, laft and plaster removed. We had only intended on removing laft on exterior walls, but the people working for us became overzealous and removed all the laft and the woodwork (baseboards, around windows, and door). We had intended on putting drywall up behind existing woodwork. The problem is that everything has been removed. We are in an arguement with the people who gutted the room as how to refinish the room. We had intended on using the laft and putting it up vertically on the exterior beams so that it would match up with the woodwork. The laft is 7/16, and the plaster was 1/2. We are using 1/2 drywall. The people who gutted the room think that putting the fairing strips up will compromise the drywall integrity and cause it to wave. Their idea of fixing the woodwork issue is to rip a board and put it behind all the baseboards and the windows and the doorway. They keep telling me that it will match the color of the woodwork that I already have and that it will not have any gaps, etc. I don't know how, because I have stripped the woodwork, and I am going to varnish it. Plus, I don't see how making up a 1/2 inch isn't a big deal. Please help. I have been blessed with 3 extra days until it gets drywalled. (The people who gutted the room thought it would be best to cap one of the pipes from the water radiating heaters that is no longer in the room, and place it back into the wall. It is now leaking, and we can't drywall until that gets fixed.)
Please help.