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    Question Saving Dehumidifier water for the humidifier?

    Hi folks. Where I live, water is both expensive and hard. Our winters are very dry and our summers very humid. Accordingly, we use humidifiers in winter and dehumidifiers in summer. Now it seems to me that the dehumidifier water would be ideal for the humidifier -- it is like distilled water, and thus soft, but I've read that it may contain airborne fungi and any organisms that grow on the dehumidifier coils. So is there a practical way to treat it and store it? It doesn't have to be potable, but suitable for wick and cool-mist humidifiers. Thanks for your thoughts on this ...

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    Default Re: Saving Dehumidifier water for the humidifier?

    I would say add a tiny amout of bleach. We even put 3 or 4 drops in our bird bath to keep it clean.
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    Default Re: Saving Dehumidifier water for the humidifier?

    The one thing that comes to mind would be storage of that water. You will likely accumulate a fair amount of gallons throughout the summer .... where and how to store it ... until winter arrives.

    I used this free water ( so to speak ) for the inside plants also the outside plants during the summer without any biological disasters.

    Then and again I don't get into space or visit Mars so there aren't any alien microbe worries.
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