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    Default Where was that gray house in the HVAC episode?

    I recently saw a show within the past 3 weeks where they were working on installing an HVAC system that fed small insulated ductwork vents in the walls. The house was gray and had a unique area between the garage and the main body of the house that looked like a tower. Once inside, it was revealed that the tower actually housed the staircases and built that way to introduce the most amount of natural light. The staircases were hidden by the architect on purpose to allow more direct traffic towards the kitchen and main living areas. They also went on to show and describe how the house was designed to have limited hallways and the entertainment room turned into a dining room. I just canít remember if I was in the 22046 or 80132 zip codes when I saw the show. Any ideas on who the architect of the house or location is or timeframe the show is from?

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    Default Re: Where was that gray house in the HVAC episode?

    I think that was episode #2709.,,1626217,00.html

    The house was designed by the same architect who did the Newton house plans, Tref LaFleche.

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