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Thread: Noisy Toto

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    We have a new toilet - a mid-range Toto - nothing fancy. It flushes great, but right when the flushing sound starts to end, it sounds like a jet taking off. It's soooo loud. Any ideas?


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    I'm not terribly familiar with the eccentricities of Toto toilets. But it strikes me that you may have water pressure that's a bit on the high side. Try dialing down the supply valve a bit. The toilet will refill more slowly, but it may reduce the jet noise.
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    What model of Toto do you have?

    The Toto's I have worked with have a standard slot screw on top of the valve. This screw can be adjusted to "dial in" the water level shut off and may help with the noise you are experiencing. You should not need to mess around with the float itself to adjust the water level control in the tank.

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