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    Default Basement Insulation - Which Kind, and Where...?

    I am about to finish my basement - in Eastern PA. It's new construction - poured concrete foundation. I'm getting conflicting advice on how to insulate. One school says to put the standard yellow batts between the studs, which will be an inch or so off of the walls. The other side says to use the pink, rigid foam - directly against the foundation, with the sheetrock right on top of it.

    Is there a way to put the rigid foam on the walls, and then do studs and drywall?

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    Default Re: Basement Insulation - Which Kind, and Where...?

    No real need for studs; furring strips fastened over the foamboard and into the concrete walls will do nicely for mounting your drywall.

    I would recommend XPS foam rather than EPS.
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