Sorry for the long post....We recently had a commercial company come out to give us an estimate on hardwood floors in the 3 main ajoining rooms (DR,LR &FL) on our main level. A little history: our house was built in 1910. At some point there were beautiful hardwood floors. Then there was water damage and the people that "redid" the house put the subfloor on top of the damaged hardwood. Then they layed carpet. The floor in one of the rooms slopes lightly not too bad but it is noticable. Our quote was way too high for our current budget so we decided to go with laminate instead (for now). The guy said that they can only do the two rooms that are level without having to rip out all the flooring down to the joist to make it level.

My question is....does the floor have to be completely level to lay laminate flooring? Can't we just replace the subfloor along the whole floor area and somehow level it then?