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    Cool Has anyone attached new shower fixtures to PVC****?

    My 50yr old house was re-plumbed with PVC **** in attic. It's great! Very easy to renovate another bathroom!
    Old copper pipe behind tub/shower fixtures,hot ,cold & shower were cut off near by and PVC was glued? on. I've reconditioned the old compression stems twice ....now they're dead! I'm looking for advice before I cut off the old copper and go fresh with PVC extensions to the three new fixtures....or even a new style fixture since I'm retiling. Whatand how type of fixture attaches best to PVC **** ? I'm an experienced DIY but rudimentary on plumbing . After my local plumber charged me $165 to cut out a 10" piece of sheet rock to tell me a leak was from roof vent I got angry enough to re-do the bath myself!

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    Default Re: Has anyone attached new shower fixtures to PVC****?

    There are all kinds of PVC fittings including male and female threaded fittings. You would install the threaded end in the fixture then cement the PVC tube to the fitting. You just have to get a fitting with the right size thread for the fixture on one end and the other end the same size as the PVC pipe.
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