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    Default looking to replace heating baseboards

    where do i purchase new heating baseboards to replace my old ones...and are there ones out there that look like molding? I watched the program on how to replace them and i think i can do that but i just need to know where to purchase them

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    Default Re: looking to replace heating baseboards


    I assume you're referring to hot water baseboard, as opposed to steam baseboard.

    Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Supplies"---the heating/plumbing supply houses in your area will have a wide selection; HD/Lowe's will carry only one brand---many of them will sell to a homeowner, some will only sell to contractors.

    Why do you want to change the baseboards???

    There is usually NO REASON to change the "guts" of the baseboard, which is the copper-finned heating elements---only the outside covers need be changed to make it look like a brand new installation & spice up the room.

    This will save you a lot of work of closing down & draining the boiler/soldering, etc.

    The BASEBOARD COVERS (including the backing plate) are designed as segmented pieces for just this eventuality, so they can be easily removed & the new ones snapped into place.

    The backing plate is attached by several screws to the wall but everything comes out easily---occasionally, the risers (supply/return piping) is installed right thru one of the side segments; in such a case the thin steel can be easily cut with a tin snips or a jig saw fitted with a steel blade.

    Make sure you measure the height & depth of the old BB covers to make sure the new ones will fit--they come in different styles & sizes.

    You can either REPAINT everything to save $$$ or go out & buy just the covers---these are known in the trade as DUMMY BASEBOARD, or BASEBOARD ENCLOSURES.

    You can Google that phrase to get some ****** prices so you're prepared if you try to buy them locally---also Google "baseboard covers".

    Eight feet of enclosures will cost ~$16--the fancy ones will cost more.
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