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    Default Duplex house into one home

    We live on an island that is actually a state park, so you don't own the land + additions are very limited. This house is a 'duplex' + we want to make it one 'home'. We need a lot of help with trying to figure this out. Thanks for any input!!

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    Default Re: Duplex house into one home

    What specifically do you need help with?
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    Default Re: Duplex house into one home

    Howdy first find out what you can do as there may be extensive restrictions on what you can do even to the existing building envelope. Then sit and draw out what ideas you want in the home and then meet with an architect or two ans ask the fee and what they can do to help you or have 3 contractors meet and go room by room and go over your plan and get itemized bids to do the renovation....

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