Hello again,

This is a fun one. I have a drop ceilling in the basement that is killing me! Because I have all three bedrooms and my living room TV wall on the same 15-amp circuit, I am trying to install new outlets for my living room and office (each outlet will be on its own 20-amp circuit).

The problem I'm having is that the drop ceiling is too close to the joists. I've read that the ceiling should be no closer than 3 inches to the joists. I'd say the tiles are maybe 2 inches away. The tiles are about 3/4 inch thick and are made of some sort of stucco-like material and do not bend (unless they're broken). I can't run my wiring until I get these tiles out of the way. Any ideas on how to move these tiles out of the way without breaking more than the two I've already snapped?