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    I have a toliet that make much noise when the tank is filling up with water. The other toliets in my house are very quiet. What can I do the make this toliet more quiet?

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    You could reduce the flow by throttling down the supply valve, but this will also slow down the tank's refill time.

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    It may be time for a new toilet fill valve, which are quite easy to install. A new fluidmaster fill valve is around 15 bucks at most hardware stores.
    How to replace a toilet fill valve
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    Cool Re: Noisy Toliet

    You didnt say what type noise was coming from the toilet. Sometimes a loose hanger on a pipe will allow vibration or knocking as water passes through. Other times an accumulator is needed to offset noise due to imbalance in the system and of course there is always the possibility the water valve may just be worn from usage.

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