Please offer advice or tips....
I was told that painting a brand new steel entry door with oil base paint was the best way to go for durability. So I bought a decent Sherwin Williams brand of oil based gloss enamel along with a Purdy brush meant for oil based paint.

I have never used oil based paint before, so I was very surprised on how it spread. It seems very thick, and doesn't flow well. I have now put on two coats, and it looks like crap. Lots of brush marks, plus ugly drag marks from an area done earlier to one done later.

I followed the basic instructions I found on the internet on the proper method to paint a paneled door, but this just isn't working! What am I doing wrong? Do I need to thin the paint?

I have done this in the early morning before it get extremely hot, and have been working as fast as I can so that the paint doesn't dry out while I am trying to cut in between one area and another, but this just doesn't seem to work right.

I am thinking about sanding down the entire side of the door that I have done so far and changing to latex.

Please help if you have experience with this!
Thanks so much!