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    Default Existing Patio Drainage

    Have an attached concrete patio - to extend laid sand & patio brick,
    now dealing with major drainage problem. neighbor's yard is higher that mine. HELP!!!

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    Default Re: Existing Patio Drainage

    Is the drainage problem with the patio or the area outside of the patio. If it is the ground outside of the patio the best solution is a french drain. This is a trench dug 12" deep and about 12" wide. You get some pretty inexpensive 4" perforated drainage tile from HomeDepot/ Lowes and a silt sock for it. Put down 4" of 3/4" gravel in the trench, then the pipe, then 2 more inches of gravel then 2-3" of soil and reseed. Will dry the are up in no time. The end of the run needs to go to a drain box of some sort. The easiest optio is to dig a 3' x3' x3' hole and fill with mostly gravel, then the 3" of soil. This system will allow the water to have a place to sit until it can be absorbed in the subsoil.

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    Default Re: Existing Patio Drainage

    We had an awesome paver patio build but had some run off issues. the solution is less than desirable as a box was place at the end of the patio with 12" of concrete surrounding it. Is this really the only option? It looks awful.

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