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    Default mothball smell in cedar chest

    How do I get the mothball smell out of a cedar chest?

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    Default Re: mothball smell in cedar chest

    Set the cedar chest outside, open it, and let it air. Do not do it inside Mothball out gassing posses a health risk. Thoroughly air out any items stored in the chest.
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    Default Re: mothball smell in cedar chest

    If your cedar chest as the unfinished cedar boards inside, you can lightly sand them to bring out some fresh cedar aroma.

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    Default Re: mothball smell in cedar chest

    I would try taking a box of baking soda and pour it in a cake pan and sit it in the cedar chest and close it up for a few days.

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    Default Re: mothball smell in cedar chest

    I SOLVED it!!!

    You really do need to sand out the inside of the box.
    Then vacuum out all the filings.
    I then took it outside and let it sit in the direct sunlight for a couple of days.
    I placed the box in a place where the afternoon sun beat right down into it for a good long while.
    Next, I bought some Cedar Oil (you can also purchase it in a spray form, which is what I did because I am lazy). I sprayed the living-daylights out of the interior of this box and then I closed the lid and left it alone for about two weeks. After that, I did a test run with some linens and set them in there for another two weeks.
    No Mothball stink!

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