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    Question Porch Flooring

    We built a new porch three years ago and had the contractor install TUNDURA composite (wood+plastic) tongue and groove flooring. It was supposed to be weatherproof, lifetime arranty etc. Typical story... now the screws are popping up, causing holes and chips, loosened boards, and an UPSET wife. Of couse TUNDURA quit returned calls or responding to e-mails and then filed bankruptcy so we are SOL. So much for a warrenty. Any suggestions on how to repair it without lifting columns and tearing out the whole floor surface?

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    One would have to ask, was it the material used or the installation that cased the probelm? You may have recourse against the contractor.
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    If you can get under the decking to the joists, maybe try to use a strong anchor epoxy sold at a contrator supply store there sold in tubes run a thick bead along the joist and decking on both sides or get some L shaped metal bracket 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch x how many feet length add epoxy to top side of the L then screw the other side to the joist on each side. That might work from your desciption.

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