Our beautiful fescue lawn has been badly invaded by creeping bentgrass...the very fine, bent-over turf that is used on golf greens. It's AWFUL: needs to be cut about 1" high and uses so much water! As an invader, it means patches of ugly tannish fine grass in our otherwise healthy, 3-4" high, green lawn.

I think it arrived via the lawnmower of a mow-and-blow outfit we hired for six months (and I fired when he repeatedly mowed a very soggy lawn, leaving 4 inch ruts, but that's another story...). We're now doing our own mowing, and (almost) enjoy it!

I've been told the only control method is to kill off the entire lawn and start again....or laboriously rake it out with a turf rake, and reseed....

Anyone know of a chemical control for this rotten stuff? Thanks!