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    Default toilet tank will not refill

    I shut off the water on my toilet to replace a broken ballcock and float. Now that it is all assembled and the water is turned back on, no water is flowing into the toilet tank and it is not refilling. I took a bucket of water and manually filled the tank thinking along the lines of "priming the pump", but after flushing the toilet two more times, the tank is again empty and the will not refill. Have I overlooked something? The replacement ballcock is about two inches shorter than the one I took out, but I cannot see why that would keep water from flowing into the tank

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    Default Re: toilet tank will not refill

    Did you use a new steel connection from the shut off to the tank? I bought one that has a auto shut off to stop the water if it has a leak. The pressure in the line kept tripping it. So I had to replace it and it was new. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: toilet tank will not refill

    More than likely you have knocked some sediment loose and it's blocking the opening in the ballcock or the washer in the shut off valve deteriorated and is blocking water at the shutoff. To see which, first shut the water off again, disconnect the line to the ballcock assy., turn the water on slowly and see if water comes out the pipe. If it doesn't then the shut off or line is clogged, if it does then either the ball cock is clogged or defective.
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