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    Angry Where is the information?

    I'm trying to find the information on a segment of a show on "Ask This Old House" -- the 3-way switch segment on show #616. It is nowhere to be found on the website.

    What's the point of showing it if you can't refer to it later?

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    Thanks, but the segement gives the specific information I need in my case, not a general overview on how the switch is wired. Evidently, my wiring is a alternative setup that is not discussed in general instructions, but discussed in the show. I need to look at the segment again to see what the problem is.

    Why isn't the information ****** on the site for the show? It's episode #616.
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    There is only a brief description of the segment on line, they don't put the full video or transcripts on line.
    If you could describe your situation,perhaps we can help. Their is only one way to wire 3-way switches, all the variations is in wire routing.
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    That's what I was looking for, but for electrical work, I want to be able to refer back to the instructions before messing with things. I understood what was being said, but I want to be able to see it at least one or two more times in order to make sure I'm doing everything right.

    I really don't want to mess with electrical work without knowing exactly what I'm doing. The instruction as listed ****** is the general instructions that I can find anywhere, but I wanted to see about that alternate setup they demonstrated and exacly how things need to be set up for that.
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    Perhaps the OP might be thinking of the use of the black and white as travellers.

    If I recall the sparky had showed this existing set up and also indicated marking the white with a black marker.
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    If you are trying to fix a three way try this

    A easy way for a layman to troubleshoot them if you do not know the theory how they operate is to remove both switches.Supply two new 3 way switches. clear all the wires. Take your tester and put one side to a ground the other side is used to touch each wire(3 wires in each box). Find the only wire that has full voltage. Take the wire with voltage and connected to the common terminal on the switch. Then take the other wires in that same box and connect one wire to each of the two terminals on the switch. then go to the other switch and find the energized wire in that box and terminate that to any terminate other than the common terminal. Go back to the other switch and turn the switch the other way. Go back and find the other hot wire and terminate that wire on the other terminal on the switch not marked common. The last wire should be terminated to the common terminal on the switch. your done. Good luck

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