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    Post exterior painting

    i am in the process of repainting my house, which is cypress weatherboards. i have some peeling, but not all over. question, how much of the old paint do i have to get off? i am scraping but it appears some of the paint is well adhered. ( i posted this on exteriors, im new here) would appreciate some sound advice. ty

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    You only need to make sure that the remaining paint is well adhered. Just feather the edges as well as you can. Of course, stripping would give you the best finished result, but reality tempers judgement.
    I like to give every house I paint a vigourous power wash, injecting a mild detergent and clorine bleach at the same time. Do not get so vigourous as to dig up the fiber of the wood however.
    I would definitely opt for an alklyd oil primer over cypress as this wood has an oily component which might present problems with the latex (water soluable) primers. This oily quality is why cypress is used as it gives great resistance to rot. You may then top coat with an 100% acrylic house paint.

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