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    Default Wood shrinkage after installing AC/Heat

    Hello everyone. I have a very old 1902 house in hot, humid south Texas. It is a structural brick house on pier and beam with, of course, very old lumber inside. About 20 years ago I had central AC/heat installed in the house. While there had been some movement in the house before that time (evidenced by cracks both inside and out) I feel like there has been even more since installing the central air. The interior walls and floors are visibly pulling away from the exterior brick. Much of it is very alarming to me. I have had two engineers come and take measurements, but none of them ever came back or followed up with an estimate. Could it be that installing AC/heat to a house this old in such a humid environment has caused the interior lumber to shrink?? Or is my house in need of major structural repair?? Help! Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Wood shrinkage after installing AC/Heat

    Once of the benifits of an A/C unit is that it does provide dehumidfication.

    If this home has never had A/C installed there might be some affect of the dehmification removing some of the moisture in the structure.
    However ... unless there had been major changes to air sealing and insulation to the home it would seem things would eventually stabilize.

    This is sight unseen ..... so there may be also some structure settle or movement .... hard to say.
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