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    Question Gaps under door jambs

    When we had our laminate flooring laid, the company did not put down cord around. They also left a large gap under the door jamb. How can I fill in this gap? "[IMG]value{/IMG]".
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    Default Re: Gaps under door jambs

    As YukYuk says round or base shoe
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    Smile Re: Gaps under door jambs

    Better yet, you can use a base moulding that is two and 1/4 inches high. With a nice, higher moulding, stained to your color, you will not have to worry about the vacuum cleaner marring the walls. I see far too many homes with that tiny 1/4 round moulding, followed by scuffs from the vacuum.

    There are tons of these "so called carpenters" around these days. Seems like it is "Quantity" NOT "Quality these days !!!! You might have to remove the base under the door, so you can see if there is complete flooring under it. Probably skipped a step there, too !!!!

    Sometimes the homeowner can do just as good a job as a someone who claims to be a carpenter. Just take your time.

    Good luck.

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    Am I missing something here? Besides the quarter round by the base all around the room, the main question he started asking was how to deal with the space under the door jamb. You're not suggesting using quarter round for that, are you?
    It seems to me quarter round would be a very awkward solution here. I've never seen it used on the door jamb, only up to it.
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    Are you saying he should use 1/4 round on the jamb itself? I've never seen this, only up to the jamb. Isn't that going to look funny?

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    Default Re: Gaps under door jambs

    I know this an old post but when I did a google search back in February of this year while trying to fix the same problem this forum came up. This is such a common problem that I would like to help the Do-it-yourselfers who run across this in the future. The truth is that alot of trim carpenters out there don't worry so much about the gap under a door casing if they know carpet is going to cover it up therefore the homeowner is left with the problem when they decide to go with hardwood or laminate. Google casing kickers and see if that is a good fix. It worked good for me.

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