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    Unhappy Plaster wall cracks /settling house

    My 1904 home was completly revamped with plaster on walls and ceilings throughout about 10 years ago by the people I bought the house from. The cracks in the plaster are coming through again. Does anyone know how to PREVENT this or is this just one of the downfalls of owning an old house.

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    Default Re: Plaster wall cracks /settling house

    There could be many reasons for plaster cracking.
    If plaster is only 10 years old and was replaced using the wrong methods it would cause cracking.
    If a light weight base coat was applied over metal lath with a smooth finish it could cause cracks.
    Movement will cause cracks.Thick and thin plaster that join each other will crack.
    Other causes Structral movement due to abnormal stress,thermal expansion and contraction, If sand based it could be to much sand was added.
    To determind the cause start with what type of cracks you have Structural
    Map cracking
    Improper materials used or wrong material used.

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