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    Default Bathroom ventilation

    Hello- I am about to redo my bathroom...We have a skylight that does not provide ventilation well. I wanted to add a vent to the bathroom while remoldeling but was told it is not a good idea as I don't have an attic and it would have to be vented through the roof... Do you have any suggestions or advice as to how I can add a vent to the bathroom?

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    Default Re: Bathroom ventilation

    The way I understand it, venting through the roof is the best and really proper way to do it, since it gets all the humid air out of the house, with an exhaust fan of course.

    Did they tell you why it's not a good idea to vent through your roof? Any particular problems?

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    Default Re: Bathroom ventilation

    You might explore venting out a wall as an alternative method.

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    Default Re: Bathroom ventilation

    Venting out a wall can work, but the ceiling mounted vents work better since heat rises. Cutting a hole in your roof and installing the flashing can be done properly in about 20 minutes by an untrained person as long as you can get on the roof. You can even search YouTube for how-to videos.

    I've been having moisture problems in my bathroom too. The bathroom is approximately 60 sq. ft. and love taking long showers. I originally installed a 100 cfm fan/light combo during a remodel. I'm not sure if it was the fan, or the lack of bathroom-specific paint, but moisture was seeping through the paint and into the taping compound where the wall meets the ceiling and where screws were covered. My original fan was a ceiling fan that I had vented out the side of the house. I did this by running a 25 foot stretch of flex pipe.

    Again, I don't know if it was the paint, the fan, the install of the fan, or a combo of everything...but moisture was a big problem. Last week I installed a 300 cfm fan-only ceiling unit and now it's vented straight through the roof. Instead of a 25 foot stretch of flex, I only needed 4 feet of flex. I'll have to wait to see how things turn out.

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