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    Hi. We have a house built in 1830 and the basement still has it's original dirt floor (How charming!). It's only about 5' high down there, and we were wondering if it was worth digging out and concreting over. It's about 15'x 40' and would have to be dug out about 3' or so. The dirt would have to be conveyed out and into a truck for removal. Someone suggested raising the house and adding more foundation.........but I don't know about that one! It's on a mortared stone foundation, which is about 5' high. I live in NJ, if that matters. We're thinking of adding on and thought about digging a basement for the new addition. Just wondering what a thing like that may cost. Thanks.

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    You really shouldn't just go and start digging the dirt floor down. You have to think about the ground the foundation footing is on. Digging out the dirt will under mine the foundation and will colapse bringing the house in on top of you.
    There are specific ways of doing this properly by digging a certain sized section and pouring a concrete footing then moving on doing another section and so on.
    Raising the house and adding on to the existing foundation may or may not work depending on the condition of the existing foundation and if the existing footing would support this.

    You need to consult with a structural engineer and a foundation contractor together.

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