I have a high humidity problem which is quite bad on the 2nd floor. I bought a hygrometer and a dehumidifier in an attempt to locate the problem. The hygrometer has read up to 80% before I got the dehumidifier. I recently had the heat pumps serviced by my AC service contract. The technician said the 2nd floor unit was OK. He said the 1st floor unit was functioning OK but he drain pipe was not sloped properly. Said I should get a pump to get rid of any water that may back up in the unit because of the drain slope. The drain was covered with dirt but I cleared it away. It drains but noticeably slower than the 2nd floor unit. My dehumidifier is 45 pint and I empty it daily! Called several house inspectors but they say the problem is almost certainly with the heat pumps. I have been in the crawlspace to see if I could find anything obviously wrong. On 2-3 occasions I have seen small puddles on top of the plastic ground cover. Probably only 2-4 ounces. Not sure where it came from. I looked around in the attic area and could not find any leaks.