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    Default French Drain Clogged?

    I have a post and beam style house built in 1965, with no gutters. Adding them would detract from the Frank Lloyd Wright aesthetic the original architect envisioned. The house also has a very small 10' x 30' boiler room with a French drain running down the back of the foundation. I'm guessing the drain runs the entire length of the house, approximately 300 feet. During extremely heavy rains the boiler room floods slightly. I have dug down to the top of the original french drain along the boiler room foundation and without taking it apart, it appears to be in perfect condition. I then double coat water-proof sealed the foundation down to the top of it. Approximately 6 - 12" below the surface - depends on slope of house. I also water-proofed the seams inside the boiler room.

    We just had a long hard heavy rain and the boiler room leaked again. Not as bad as before, but it leaked.

    I've read due to the age of the French drain it may be clogged. How do you unclog one?

    Also is there something else I should do, besides gutters to prevent this in the future?

    Thank you.
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