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    Default Water in basement: treat the basement, or the front yard drainage?

    I suppose the is an age old question, do I address a water problem once it's in the basement, or treat the drainage problem in the yard? Maybe it just comes down to cost. Our house sits on a front to back slope, and there is a fieldstone wall in the basement. On the front yard side of the wall, the wall is buried in earth, but the back side of the wall is completely exposed, as it's a walk-out basement. I was told that many owners of old homes have a trench dug along the length of the basement wall and filled with drainage stone to catch the water. Some have suggested the only real way to treat this is with a drainage system in the front yard. Would the front yard need to be dug down all the way to the base of the wall to make that option work?
    Any other thoughts?

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    Default Re: Water in basement: treat the basement, or the front yard drainage?

    I would try a french drain first. Usually the biggest problem with a sloped lot is the surface water runs down hill toward the house and the foundation acts like a dam. The french drain will carry the surface water around passed the house.
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