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    Question Granite/marble entry tile cleaning methods

    We have a 1928 tudor with 6 ft entry looks like pieces of old granite and marble embedded in concrete motar mixture. The white marble pieces have yellowed from coats of some mixture. A few rust spots also. I needs cleaning, buffing and sealing but am unsure of safe and effective products to use.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Granite/marble entry tile cleaning methods

    If it's yellowd I think I would try a wax stripper on it. It could just be wax build up.
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    Default Re: Granite/marble entry tile cleaning methods

    There are companies usualy people that do marble and granite flooring that grind down those finnishes and re seal them
    they use diamond pads on floor buffers and abrasive's with water,
    some places rent this stuff out, it can be tricky when some areas are softer than others. hope that helps

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