Any suggestions?

Our laundry room was built in the 90's on to our kitchen. its freezing back there in the winter (we live in the mid-west). the crazy folks built it with NO insulation in the walls!!!

So, i had one estimate for someone to blow foam in, but i didn't like the estimate because it mentioned to install a ventilation system for "quality air". off gassing? I got another estimate for fiberglass blown in. VERY expensive, since we live far out of the way. So now i'm considering blowing in cellulose myself.

One guy said its bad, the R value fluctuated in the humidity and in the winter its not as good as fiberglass.

Would the R value really change all that much? And, is cellulose (the blown in kind from Home Depot) safe to use in the wall that has the dryer vent thru it? Would it be a fire hazard?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!