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    Default Best material to prevent mold

    I would like to know the best material to use for finishing a basement that prevents mold?

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    Default Re: Best material to prevent mold

    For preventing mold .... moisture and humidity should be controlled first along with good air circulation . In other words the environment needs to be controlled to prevent mold.

    Mold feeds on organic materials like wood or paper and thrives in cool damp stagnate locations.

    Conventional materials like wood studs and standard drywall can encourage mold if there are moisture issues.

    Using metal studs and newer paperless drywall are building materials that will resist mold growth on them.

    However with moisture and humidity issues present you may still find mold appearing on the things like furniture and boxes .... for example .... that are in the space.

    Proper insulation techniques are important in preventing condensation forming and being trapped.

    Even though fiber glass insulation is mold resistant it can trap organic matter like insects , saw dust , or any other organic matter ... and when enough moisture is trapped within the insulation mold can appear to feed on this organic matter.

    Hope this helps.
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